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    I recently sold my Samung i730 and bought a Treo 700w. Excellent phone and has great features, however I've noticed that the call quality/signal retention is not as reliable in weaker RF areas, when compared to my i730 after I some adjustments...

    My solution for my Samsung i730 was to change the Vocoder from EVRC to 13k using the **772 code.

    Does anyone know how to do this on the Treo 700w? It could make a huge difference in the reception and I would be appreciative if anyone could help out in figuring out this info.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone have any ideas? It seems that any other WM5 PDA phone's vocoder can be accessed via the code "#*#VOCODER" or "##VOCODER," neither of which work on the Treo 700w.

    For anyone who doesn't know, the Vocoder is an algorithm that the cell tower uses to titrate/adjust bandwidth to each cell phone. By default it is set to EVRC, which allows the tower to either increase or decrease your bandwidth (i.e., signal strength and quality) depending on how many people are on the current tower and also your location to the tower. 13k is the max bandwidth, which is what I'm trying to access-- on any other phone, you can simply access this and essentially "force" the tower to only send the max bandwidth to your phone thus increasing signal strength and call quality/clarity.

    This works perfectly for people (like myself) who live in a low-signal strength area.

    So again, if anyone can figure out how to access the Vocoder settings it would greatly be appreciated by me and probably many more on this forum.

    Thanks again.
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    anyone. I would love to enable this on my phone as well.
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    does anyone know? It would be great to tell us
    lordmarqu I am having the same problem, it would be so much better and easier with reception. Its so sad sometimes I have to go to town so I can get reception hehe.

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    I dont know what this does, mayby someone can figure it out. It has 13k in there but dont know how to get it.

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