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    It seems sluggish when I first power up the device in the morning. Ie., after entering my password, it would slowly bring up the Today page. I would then turn on the signal and it would connect to Wirelless Sync automatically. Afterwards, I would try to open my "Messaging" and it then freezes. During the 1 minute span, the time on top would disappear and then appear and the loading icon (circle) would appear and then disappear then nothing. Do I have a bad device or is this a common problem. TIA!
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    My device is a little slow to start right after soft reseting.

    Also, if you are running Wireless Active Sync it may be causing some problems over night. Check the first post about it not powering on. There's some instructions to stop AS from starting if you don't want it.
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    I'd send you coffee.prc but it for Palm Devices only

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