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    I have two BT Headsets .. BT250 and HS820. When I make a call (or receive one) with T700W - they automatically connect to the headset. I typically use the headset when I am driving or I know I am going to be on a call for awhile - so I don't want to automatically default into headset mode for every call.

    When either of these headsets are close to the phone I am getting the white BT symbol on my phone - I assume this means auto-answer. When it is not around .. it turn into the blue BT symbol which I guess is not auto answer.

    I want to be able to hit the button to connect when I want to use the headset - not have the headset dictate it to me.

    Any help?
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    Could you just keep the headset off until you want to use it, then turn it on and it should connect? Also noticed that you can "connect" and "disconnect" a bluetooth device from the T700 while on a call, which is nice, considering the 650 could only "disconnect" the bluetooth device during a call.
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    OK .. I figured it out. Don't select "hands free" option when pairing the devices.

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