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    Hey wanted to know if anyone knows of a way to podcast to the 700w. Thanks.
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    I presume you are referring to receiving/subscribing podcasts? There is a number of RSS/news readers that can download podcasts. Just search on PocketGear or Handango. I like Egress.
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    I use Doppler. A mobile version for the Treo when on the go. A desktop version for at home
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    are any of these free? Know of any? Thanks
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    Debating on moving from my 650 to 700w myself. I use a combo of QuickNews and pTunes today to subscribe to podcasts (download and/or stream). What would be my options in the MS world?
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    Free would be good!
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    Well I can't recall having paid for them so I assume they are free or somehow otherwise user supported but I'll have to go back and look.
    Doppler Mobile is a public Beta and Doppler for the PC is donation supported which I guess I need to do.......
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    maybe smartfeed or feeder reader will work for you. i think they are both free.

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