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    I've looked around on these forums and on the rest of the 'net and cannot find any completed projects offering a gmail notifier for Windows Mobile. Big bummer

    Does anyone know if anyone at all is actually working on this who has time to finish it? It would be so very handy to have a gmail notifier that pops up on the today screen like any new txt or outlook email message whereby if you click on it, it launches IE and logs you into gmail, opening the new message.
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    Cant you just use the pop access with the Treo's built in messaging? I set my Treo up with my personal domain email, and it works great. It checks for new emal every 15 mins.
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    Yes, but I much prefer the labels feature that you only get when you're checking via a browser. I have several filters that dump the mail to labels for organizational purposes and POPing the mail with outlook wouldn't do me much good in that case.

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