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    I leave the keygaurd enabled on my 700W, which means that the guard is on when I hit the power off button, or when the unit 'time out' for keyguard has elapsed. No real issue there; I also can turn it on manually.

    However, when the 700 is in it's waistband case and a call comes in, it appears to leave the keyguard off when the call is completed. Especially if I am in a sitting position, i.e. in my car, or reach for the 700 to take it out of its case, all sorts of buttons can get pushed afterwards.

    Any thoughts or stuff to do to leave keyguard enabled after an incoming call?

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    My guess is that keyguard isn't turned off but this is due to the length of time the Treo remains on after the call. On a 650, after a call it will sleep after a few seconds. But the 700w doesn't do this. Instead it seems to remain on for the amount of time you have set in the power preference (which I would consider a flaw). I just tested it and after a call if I let it go back to sleep by itself, keyguard was enabled correctly.

    I don't see any good workaround. The shortest setting in the power setting panel is 1 minute.
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