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    What I have now,

    Tmobile Sidekick 2 & Razr
    FamilyTime Basic 700 shared minutes unlimited nights and weekends 59.99
    (features unlimited tmobile to tmobile calling)
    Unlimited Sidekick Data plan 20.00
    (features unlimited web browsing, AIM, and text messaging)

    So I pay about $80-90 a month...

    I use my Razr for all voice calls calls because using a Sidekick for voice calls is annoying. I use the Sidekick for web browsing, AIM, and email. The Sidekick does push email from Danger's servers of my Gmail, Yahoo Business, and school email accounts.

    If I go to Verizon for a 700w,

    I would pay 399.99+tax for a 700w with a 2 year service agreement
    109.99 a month for 1350 minutes with free nights and weekends and free IN calling and unlimited data
    10.00 for 500 text messaging
    5.99 for equipment protection

    That's $125.98 a month
    and then I'm hearind an extra $15 to tether EVDO???

    Before I make the switch there's a few things I need to know...

    How is email handled on the Treo 700w?
    From reading on this forum and HoFo, you can use Pocket Outlook or Wireless Sync? How do these methods actually work, pros and cons? With the Sidekick, all of my email is pulled from my email accounts to Danger's servers and pushed to my Sidekick, but Danger's servers are always messing up and the memory is limited at 8mb. I understand that Wireless Sync is supposed to be push email but how does it work. I don't use Outlook at all now, I just check my email on the different servers usually: gmail, yahoo smallbusiness, & my schools email but I'd prefer to just use my Treo for all email. Also, I heard it uses text messages?

    AIM is hard to beat on the Sidekick. It's user interface is near perfect and you can even do chatrooms. How do the different AIM programs compare on Windows Mobile? I am only considering the 10.00 extra a month because I've read some AIM programs use text messaging, otherwise I never text message. Also with the Sidekick, Danger stores your conversations on their servers so if you receive a phone call in the middle of a conversation, they will log any messages and send them after you hang up. Can a Treo do that?

    So what do you guys think before I make the switch? AIM is less of a concern than email because I'm opening an e-commerce site and I am expecting a lot of emails. I'm gonna be spending almost double what I'm paying at Tmobile so I want to know if it's worth it. $45 for unlimited data is crazy especially since they don't include tethering or text messages!!!

    Luckily I don't have to pay the cancellation of my 2 lines on Tmobile ($400) because my friends says he can somehow bypass it for me, his store is an authorized Tmobile retailer. And I'm selling my Sidekick 2(Mister Cartoon Edition) for $200 and my Razr for $100. So it's only costing me about $100 to switch to the Treo 700w itself.
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    ill answer a few.....

    you dont need a text package if you have unlimited data....tell them you want the 2000 free text package that should come with the unlimited data plan....evdo IS included in the unlimited....also aim on the treo isnt great because from what i know the only aim mobile that works is one of the very first ones........that uses data not texts.......or you can have your aim messeges forwarded to your cell phone and answer them through text messege.....problem with this is it uses your text count......and so you know if you have the 5.99 text plan its unlimited verizon to verizon texts and 50 from outside verizon(tmobile, cingular, etc) but if aim is forwarding and youre replying back, that would be 2 texts taken from your "outside 50"....and that can add up fast.....and email works great with using outlook.....i have 3 pop3 set up and work flawlessly......remember they also offer a 24.99 data plan which is 10mb.......and you can also get a socket wifi card and use that when you are near a hotspot to save on data new also to the treo...hope i helped a little
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    Keep in mind you cannot get tethering for the 700w right now. I've asked and tried but they don't offer it (even though most of the bozos in the stores say that it is offered).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis
    Keep in mind you cannot get tethering for the 700w right now. I've asked and tried but they don't offer it (even though most of the bozos in the stores say that it is offered).

    Put you CAN do it with PDANet.
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    Coming from someone who has had a Sidekick and now using a 650 I can give you a pretty good idea of what you are looking at. the 700w and 650 are different on as far as what th OS'es run and do but the usability is about the same. Also as far as pricing is concerned, there isn't much that can really be explained there.

    The one big difference at this point is AIM, there isn't just a straight on AIM app that works like it does on the SK2. I use Verichat and I think you can get Verichat for the 700w as well. Plus there are other apps out there that I have heard of like Agile, but that app does use text, I would probably say Verichat, then you will not only get AIM but you will also get MSN, ICQ and Yahoo!. On the Mail side, the built in Outlook is alright, it handles messages well, but it is not going to give you push, its only going to be Pull. Where it will at certain intervals check your mail. The Wireless Sync app will do a Push so to speak, but its only going to be a Push every so often at certain intervals. There is an app called VGSMail I believe right now from what I have read on T|C it is the only app that will give you true Push like Chatter does for the 650, but you do have to have an IMAP account. With your SK2 the way it works for POP3 accounts like Gmail is that it does check at certain intervals and then pushes it to the device, I would honestly say that the Wireless Sync app is decent, I use it on my 650 and it works fine, every 20 mins it checks my mail. I also use Chatter but that is a 650 app only. The Wireless Sync app will give you pretty much the same feeling you had from your SK2 I think its lowest checking interval was 15 mins, where Wireless Sync is 20.

    That 10 bucks a month for text will give you 500 out of network and unlimted IN network messaging so if you do know VZW customers like I do, then its free to message them. I use about 6000 a month right now, mostly cause I am on disability and I have nothing better to do.

    Now the most important question, is it work it. Speaking as someone that came over from T-Mo to VZW. My situation is a little different, I still carry 2 phones cause with the 650 when it uses data I miss calls. Now if I had the 700w instead of the 650, thats all I would carry. I have a buddy thats got the 700w, and from researching it, reading on here and such, I think it definatly is worth it. The device is excellent, it has so many more options an abilites that you don't have now. The web browsing experience alone does it for me and I just use the 650. With the 700w you have options like Opera , Mozilla, and Pocket Internet Explorer. Between those three apps you can get anywhere you want to and see whatever you want on the 700w. You are actually able to use websites with Flash, and I believe even with Mozilla you can even use Java. I don't know what your hobbies are, but with a device like the 700w you can always find a program that will assist you with it. I read, with my 650 I carry around about 60 books, so everytime I finish one, I can start a new one. The larger network, and the faster speed of the data mean you won't miss a call and you won't miss an email. I know several people that when I was in sales I sold them on the 650, way before the 700w was out, and they are happy and pleased, and see how much more convient the device makes thinks. So if someone asked me the questions, is it work it, I would say heck yea! Go For it!

    Thanks just my opinion, hope I helped, even just a little bit
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    If you have a PC (sorry, I'm a Mac user) and want to use a USB cable instead of bluetooth.

    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence.c.lee
    Put you CAN do it with PDANet.
    Main Phone: Treo 270/600/650/700w/700p/750v/Motorola Q/iPhone
    Tried but sold: Motorola Q/Nokia E61/700wx/HTC TyTN/Treo 680
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    Well one thing I would think about is this....I pay $110 a month for 4 phones with unlimited data on the Treo on CNG...woulda been $5 cheaper for data and $10 more for voice if I went w/ Sprint....of course that was a year's mileage will vary.

    Expect shorter battery life on verizon network....GSM lasts 50% longer.

    The other thing is .... besdies lower prices, I have never been asked for a 2 year contract from a brick and mortar "all carriers" store.

    As for tethering, read the fine print thread
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    I looked at similar plans from all the major carriers in my area and compared them:

    Cingular: 1350 minutes w/ Rollover & Data Connect Unlimited $119.98
    Sprint: 1400 minutes & Flexible Data Plan for Phone as Modem $100.99
    Tmobile: 1500 minutes & Total Internet $89.98
    Verizon: 1350 minutes & Unlimited Data $109.99

    At first I thought Verizon was ridiculously more expensive than the rest, but they're not too much different from the others. Also, I can get a 2000 text message allowance from Verizon just by asking. So making the switch isn't too bad.

    A few last questions before I do it:

    Pocket Outlook and Wireless Sync both check mail at intervals? So Wireless Sync isn't really push like it suggests on Verizon's website is it? Are the any reasons to use Wireless Sync over Pocket Outlook or vice-versa?

    Looking forward to joining the Treo world.
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    The difference as far as you are concerned are minor. Pocket Outlook of course is a built in part of WM, where as Wireless Sync is a third part app. My opinion, set up an email accout in each and play around with both programs. That's what I did, for the first few weeks, I used 3 email programs till I saw the strengths and weakness of each, and then I made my choice. Wireless sync does have one major benefit, if you are some where and you want to get your email from a PC you can go to the website and check it like webmail, where as with outlook you can't. Also Wireless Sync can move with you, you have your Treo for a few months and it breaks and you have to get a new one, if you had not done a back up, all that mail is lost. Wireless Sync on the other hand you can sort the mail on the website and it will still be there. Keep an eye out for WebIS Mail, when they release a square screen version I would pick that up, fantastic emal app, like full Outlook on your mobile phone.

    and Welcome to the Treo-Addicts life

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