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    Would like some opinions on the spb pocket plus program.
    1. How well does it work?
    2. Does it have one handed operation?
    3. Does it eat up a lot of memory?

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    It works OK, some functions better than others.

    The today screen plug-is is usable one handed, which is nice, but it causes the Treo to take several seconds to come back from key guard. I was using an older version, so maybe this has been fiexed.

    The OK-context button works very well, I use it every day. The SPB extended themes do not yet work with WM%, so the background color of this menu may not match the theme you're using.

    Most of the other features are now built into WM5 (up folder button in file explorer, full screen mode in PIE). I'd like to see SPB charge less for the WM5 version, since so many features are pointless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by racekarl
    Iit causes the Treo to take several seconds to come back from key guard
    ditto. it is very annoying and why i uninstalled it even though i have a paid version from a previous phone. even the beta does the same.
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    who needs key gaurd anyways....i have the phone in my pocket all day with no probs.....second...pocket plus is by far my favorite does everything i need and then some....i have all my constantly used programs on the today screen for quick and easy access and yes it is one hand freindly....and i also uninstalled and it really doesnt slow down the treo that much at all....if you want a cracked copy let me know
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    I had installed it and used it for about 5 days before uninstalling. I couldn't control the volume of the ringer or movies I was playing while it was installed.
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    if it is "by far your favorite app" when why dot you support the people who made it and actually pay for it...instead of using and distributing a cracked copy.
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    Bought it fri., installed it fri, and uninstalled fri... Had some problems with it...
    Sometimes when the phone would ring the evdo would automaticly start connecting????????? It also seemed to lock up the phone at certain times witch i never had these problems untill this. Dont know if im installing it the incorrect way or if im skipping part of the install. I am going to try it one more time to see if i was skipping something. If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated.
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    I used the trial version, and thinking about registering it after trying some alternatives first.

    One note about the today screen plugin. If you don't need it on the top, and don't mind scrolling down to see it, then if you have it below the viewable area it doesn't hang when coming back from keyguard. Then all you have to do is scroll down on your today screen to use it's features (it will hang while it loads, but at least this way you only have it hang when you actually want to use it's features, not every time coming back from keyguard). Granted it loses some of the functionality, such as immediately seeing battery/memory status and having one click quicklaunch buttons, but I was using pocketbreeze for most of my today screen anyway so that I could see my upcoming appointments/tasks instantly.
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    I re-installed the program last night step by step and so far its working good. One thing i have found out is that if i have my e-mail set to check every 60 min. thats when it starts loging onto the evdo network when the phone rings so i changed the e-mail settings to manual checking it and so far its working fine.

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