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    what is with this SW package, it will not recognize that on my laptop (IBM w/XP Pro) that my serial ports (usb's) are Com6 and 7. I have other applications that I can start up and communicate no problem with devices, and chose and recognize that I am on either com 6 or 7, but Active Sync seems too stupid to be able to get beyond Com1 and Com2(does not see com 6 or 7 as even existing). It does run fine on a dell desktop, but unfortunately thats not the machine I use for work.

    Are there any resources anywhere that can help me with this ? Seems a shame to drag down a seemingly good product with a second rate software package.
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    USB ports aren't assigned COMx designations. It sounds like some other software you have needs a virtual COM port and has created them (Bluetooth drivers often do this). Activesync can just run on a plain, vanilla USB port. You should have "Allow USB connections" checked on Activesync (File-->Connection Settings...) and uncheck "Allow connections to the following."
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    lol, how about USB? is USB total crap also?
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I had also tried that with no luck either, says usb available, but does not recognize a device on it.

    Infared will work, but sprite backup does not like it when the reset takes the infared signal away for a bit.

    And "theBlaze", thank you for your valuable input. you seem to have many other similarly useless posts.
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    Personally I'm thinking that something got loaded in the past that has created an issue with your ActiveSync installation. What? Well thats almost impossible for me to say without looking. All I can relate to you is that I've installed ActiveSync 4.1 on two totally different PC's (one home-grown desktop and one Dell laptop) for the express purpose of sync'ing with this phone. To date (and I'm probably jinxing myself by saying this) both sync flawlessly with my Treo...

    Have you considered the possibility that maybe your issue isn't ActiveSync... maybe its Windoze???
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    I've been having a problem with active sync - for the last 3 days I just keeps hanging at "looking for changes" - and it never syncs ....any ideas?
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    I'm there with you. One month of flawless syncing and today - total crapola - want connect - then give me a syncing error about replacing items, not replacing them, blah, blah blah - nothing works. I reinstalled Activesync - basically I've just been cursing the device all night.
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    yeah, i'm getting the exact same message....i've been reading articles on but so far, no luck. if you get this working...please share how
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    I have it installed on multiple machines of different flavors with no issues.
    You have some software that is causing problems.
    Unfortunately windows install packages don't clean up completely with a uninstall and we have no way of knowing your machine configuration.

    USB ports with Activestink should just work.

    I haven't had any issues with my Treo and two machines for almost 2.5 months.
    Before that months and months with an Ipaq 5455.

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    well, i'm sure i'll have to do a hard reset (again) - luckily i can browse the device - so does anyone know where the contacts/calendar is stored?
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    got it working - deleted partnership from both treo and PC - reconnected and only set to sync calendar and contacts
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    I have to hard reset to fix the hanging up at "looking for changes" about every 2 weeks. They say palm is going to give away free Sprite backup programs to make up for this.
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    I would suspect windows as being the culprit, but like I stated, I have other applications that when I load and run them, they find the ports without issue. So if those apps can function properly, one would assume that Activesync could as well. Maybe it was designed and coded off shore to save money.
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    ActiveSync for my Treo sticks on "Looking for changes" for too long, I don't know what it's looking for since the only files I'm syncing are my ListPro files and we're talking about kilobytes there.
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    many times problems with USB syncing in activesync are due to a windows problem- usually related to plug and play on the USB devices. there are some instances where a device install went south and it won't let you plug in any other devices- including pdas. usually the quickest way to fix it is to unplug all your usb hubs etc and then plug in the pda first and then the rest after that. it always works for me. and usually it happens with my usb mouse stopping working...
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