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    Thinking of purchasing XCPUScalar. Can anyone comment on the max speeds they have been able to overclock the 700 to while still remaining stable?

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    I can go 526, anything over that and the treo locks up and requires a soft reset.
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    I use 416 & 520 depending on my mood.
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    I have mine at 416 / 520 autoswitching when the CPU use climbs over 70%. Have not noticed any instability with it, also have not tried to go over 520.

    Battery life has not been noticeably affected either.
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    Thanks, folks. I'm running 520 now with no problems observed so far. Battery life seems quite similar as well to the default 320 speed.
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    Is there a way to benchmark the 700 to see how much "zippier" it is?
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    I dont know, I swapped to 416mhz & the battery life is pretty bad. I played 2 songs with windows media player, browsed the web for a bit & checked my email.

    I was fully charged at 2pm, did all these things, & now at 6pm my battery life (according to VC) is at 40% after 4 hours.
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    Has anyone tried this?

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