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    Aside from a web link on, is there a decent weather application that works on the 700w & also doesnt require a today screen section?

    I just want to open an app when i want to see the weather & have it download my weather once I open it.

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    Avantgo has a weather channel. It works great, and it's free.
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    I'd like that as well. So far this is what I've done for my Treo. It's not a stand alone app, but my own web-page. Take a look at it, and save a copy for yourself, then tweak the links for your needs.

    Rods WeatherLinks Page
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    Thats pretty neat. How often do those sites change where they keep their images ?
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    I don't really know about the 3 day and 7 day, I just found those images yesterday. The radar images usually get updated quite frequently (more than 1-4 times an hour) The forecast maps usually get updated once a day.

    I'm pretty proud of it.

    I don't really like the 3 and 7 day images at the top, because they are a little hard to read on the Treo. But they are the only ones I could find that I could link to, and have it quickly display the weather in icon format.
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    get pocket plus and then get the pocket weather tab....youll have pocket plus on your today screen with the weather plug in as a tab
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    Or you can load any Pluggin you want into a Pocket Breeze Tab, but it's still there in the background taking up memory.

    I think Rich's and my point is to try and avoid having so many apps/pluggins running and taking up memory.

    I speaking for Rich, but I want to be able Open the app, see the weather and close it and get my memory back. IF the 700w had more memory, I would just load WeatherPanel or Pocket Weather, etc in a Pocket Breeze tab on the Today Screen and I'd be totally happy, but alas, I only have 10-12mb to play with.
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    I personally use a favorite in explorer that I then put into my start menu that links directly to weather underground for my zip code is the site and then put in your zip and then save as favorite then copy and paste into your startup menu folder...not the most elegant, but gives quick radar view, extended forecast, and current conditions in simple fast load...
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    I use Weather Panel for my today screen, but also have ADB Weather Plus that I can run as an app. It also has a today screen plugin, but you don't need to use it.
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    Can anyone comment on a good FAST standalone app that does not require a today plugin. I am currently using Weather Watcher (free) which gives lots of good details, but its SLOW because it uses the compact net framework
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    Try pocketweather by sbsh. It is the best weather app out there, and doesnt require a today plugin. Plus if you go to their website, and register in the forum you can get it for $7.00. Its a steal!
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    I'll try both of these out. Thanks
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    Actually the weblink has been working best for me these days. I like the option of using Voicecommand to say "Start Weather" however, my wife looks at me like I am the ultimate geek.
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    I use pocket plus and spb weather so I can stick weather on a tab, and have a separate tab for all my apps, and a 3rd tap for all of my system settings. No need to touch the start menu ever...

    If only I could put my speed dials in a tab, but that's pushing it.

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