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    I just spent a frustrating evening trying to get my 700 to charge from a dead battery state. I was using bluetooth all day and suddenly I started getting low battery warnings. Did not worry because I could charge the phone in my car on the way home. Except that for some reason, nothing happened when I plugged the charger into the phone. Assumed that the car charger had died - they are notorius for that after all. Not to worry - would charge it when I got home. Except my home charger did not work either. I wiggled the cables, tried different outlets and nothing. Blank screen and no charging light.

    So I head to Verizon store and complain,- and they plug it in and it works!! So I leave but try it out in several outlets at a restaurant and it does not work for me. Back to th Verizon store and it works again. By this time I am going crazy

    After a lengthy discussion and several tries in other outlets, we realize that if there is a low battery notification on the screen when the battery dies, you have to dismiss that notice in order for the phone to charge. Now if there is not enough juice to power the backlight, then you do not know there is a message so you can't dismiss it. - hence no charging. I ammnot sure how the veriuzon folks got it to charge the first time - They did it in the back room.

    Is it me or is this just plain crazy???

    Has anyone else expereinced this? If so have you found any solution? Obviouslly the key is never let your battery complete run down!
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    This phone is full of quirks like this. Your post helps me understand why yesterday, after 3 hours on the charger, my battery indicator didn't move. I thought I was going crazy. Turns out this phone is crazy. I've noticed other issues related to not clearing notifications, including you can't answer calls!

    There is no way to find all these quirks in the 15 days Verizon gives you to decide if you want to keep the phone. I'm hanging in here, but these constant resets, lockups and quirks are getting to me.

    I develop products and I would never have shipped the 700W in its present state. VZ, Palm and M$ must be flooded with calls on this beast.

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