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    I installed some software on my Treo today & I am wondering if it had any ill affects on my treo.

    I noticed that when I do a soft reset, & hit the windows button, that there is a 2 second delay from when I hit it until it opens. After that first time, it works fine however I dont recall it being sluggish after a soft reset (I thought it was faster actually).

    I am not sure if that has to do with the software I installed, but i might try a hard reset & see if it is acting the same way (then go through each piece of software looking for the culprit).

    Does your 700w act slugish opening the start menu after a soft reset?

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    After my soft reset, I actually have something like a 30 SECOND delay before able to use the today screen...that's because I have a ton of crap loaded on my 700w...
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    I get this delay the first time after hitting the start button, every time.

    Last soft reset, I hit reset, left the phone came back 20 minutes later, hit start & still had a 2 second delay. After that first one its speedy.

    Does this have something to do with Memory?
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    The same thing happens on my XV6600. I think it has because of all of apps and program folders I have defined.
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    It takes a lot of time to load the icons onto the start menu from the slow ROM. Apparently the icons are right at the end of the program file, so if the program is e.g. 1 MB it has to read a whole megabyte of data before finding the icon data. Its a good reason for either a) using small programs b) not soft-reseting frequently c) keeping large programs of your today screen/start menu/ program folder.

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    i have random delays with my start button, launching messaging, and other apps. its just par for the course

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