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    I am not sure which type of screen the 700W is. I see some apps that are made for VGA and others that are made for QVGA. Does anyone know which would be best for the 700W?

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    We are neither. More closely related to the QVGA.
    VGA 640x480 pixels

    QVGA 324x240

    Treo700 240x240 (and IpaqH6500 and H6900)

    You can try QVGA apps, but try to find ones that say the support Square screens, or 240x240 resolution.
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    The 700w is neither. VGA=640x480. QVGA=320x240. Treo 700W=240x240. Some QVGA apps work with the 700w, some don't. There a discussion on the PDAPhoneHome Treo 700w Forum about what programs run on the 700W that might help you.
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    great, thanks for your help.

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