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    I downloaded a .midi polyphonic ringtone into my 700, and have it saved on the phone. I have it selected an everything, but the default ringer keeps coming up instead of the .midi file I selected. HELP ME!!Any suggestions?
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    try using a mp3
    Got Treo?
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    I've never had a problem with MIDI ringtiones on the 700w. MP3's sound much better after a little tweaking.

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    There's instructions on how to do MP3--> wav load here for the 650.....Don't see why something similar wouldn't work for MIDI or 700
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    I downloaded the 24 ringer in .midi format and put it on my phone. I then browsed to the file, did a tap and hold, and an option popped up to set a default ringer. Now my phone sounds like CTU when it rings!

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