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    For some reason, if I go to a particular website, the 700W would stop loading and freeze. I would have to do a soft reboot to get it back working again. Anyone know why?

    Also, sometimes when the 700W is idle for a couple hours and I try to turn it on, it won't power on. Again, I would have to do a soft reboot to start it back on. I'm on my second 700W and it does the same thing. Any clue why it does this?

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    For question #1: Some websites consume a lot of CPU cycles when the poor little PPC has to render a bunch of pictures, font formatting, animated gifs, etc. This can often appear as a frozen phone. The only two solutions are to 1. Wait it out (up to 1-4 minutes) or 2. Reset.

    For question #2: Check the sticky thread at the top of this forum - it may apply to your problem.
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    I found that turning off scripting helped with some websites where it would just hang and eventualy I would get a script error. I am sure you can probably hack the registry but I used Tweaks2k2 (under internet tricks/security).


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