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    I have some great backgrounds I'd like to use, but with the text on the Today screen being white, I can't see anything with those backgrounds. How can I change the text color to something darker, like black or blue?
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    I believe the text color is set by the theme. You would need a theme that has darker text.
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    Get a registry editor and follow the advice on these 3 articles. You really only need one of them but I thought more could help.

    The PPC Mag has several options available to you.


    From PPC Mag: View article for screenshots.
    Finally, if you would like doing this in the Registry editing way, get a binary editor-capable registry editor (please read this roundup on choosing the right one). If you, for example, have Resco Registry Editor (my favourite), do the following:

    1. go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Color] and click SHColor in the bottom pane. There, go to the position '0010' (that's where the three bytes of the today text color start); the cursor should blink at the beginning of the row:

    2. press the Delete key (NOT the backspace key!) exactly three times. The three bytes that stood to the right from the cursor have now disappeared and the rest of the contents have shifted to the left:

    3. enter the R/G/B components of the new color. For example, if you want gray Today font colors, enter 80 80 80:

    4. press OK and Yes.

    With a registry editor (for example, the recommended Mobile Registry Editor) that has, as opposed to the above-explained Resco, no position counter, you need to do the following:

    1. again, go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Color] and click SHColor. Go to the start of the second row and highlight the three 'ff' values in there (I assume you still have the default white text color):

    2, enter the RGB component bytes, pressing space in between them (unlike with Resco):

    Then, reset your device.
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    after changing the colors using the Registry editor instructions above,
    will the changes stick after soft reset? thx
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    Yes. In fact it may change without an initial soft reset. I just changed my Start Menu Text color. I had to Add a Binary Value 39 with 00 00 00 00 to get my Start menu Text to be black. And it changed instantly. And has survived a soft reset.
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    If you use the same theme everyday for your background pics, the registry edit is the way to go. However, if you want to change up frequently and want different colored top and bottom bars, bcaslis' suggestion is better, IMO.
    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis
    I believe the text color is set by the theme. You would need a theme that has darker text.
    For example, I have a 2.2K theme with black text that I activate prior to applying a particular background. When I want the white text, I just activate the windows default theme first.

    The best option, of course, is to develop themes using your background pics so they always look the way you want. Then share them with the rest of the community.

    If anyone knows of a selection of tiny themes with different top/bottom bar colors and texts, I'd appreciate hearing about them.

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