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    Hi all!

    I've got a crazy question about IR information exchanges.

    Due to a few dinks, I went to exchange my Treo 700 within the 15 day window. Outside of AS problem that others have experienced, there wasn't anything wrong with the unit. Anyway, Verizon tech told me that they couldn't use IR to transport my information to another Treo. They said that they tried several devices and suspect that I have a s/w problem. They were using IR and said that this is standard operating procedure. They were pretty certain that there are problems with my unit.

    I haven't done anything yet but am thinking that it took me a long time to get the device set up the way I want and finally syncing. All things equal, if I DON'T have problems with it, I might be able to live with the dinks.

    * How can I find out if I have a s/ware (or other) problem with the unit? Verizon outsources it's tech support and they were anything but reassuring. Has anyone heard of IR problems between Treos? Wouldn't it make more sense to use cables?

    Thanks! Mitch
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    wtf are dinks?
    Quote Originally Posted by mitchelllll
    Verizon outsources it's tech support and they were anything but reassuring.
    translation... foreigners are stupid fyi

    sync the old phone with windows then sync the new dink free phone with windows
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    I have transferred files via infrared from my XP PC to the treo and vice versa.

    I needed to reload some software and did not have a card reader or sync cable handy.
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    txs for the comments. I'm just trying to figure out if VZW tech supports comment on infrared syncing and a sware problem are valid... not really worried about syncing a new machine but if I don't have to go through set-ups (NOT using wireless sync to pull email, other settings, getting friggin AC to finally work...), I don't want to.

    Palm support told me to go back to Verizon and then call them from the store. Anyway, thanks-

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