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    #1 - Does it take SD cards ?

    #2 - Can I download MP3's to the card and play them and listen through the headset ? I noticed on the Verizon Wireless site the 650 lists MP3's but the 700W doesn't.

    #3 - Can I get my yahoo and hotmail from the unit ?

    #4 - Can I synch my MS outlook, if so do I need a program to do it or is it automatic ?

    #5 - Is there a recommended book or place to go if I am a computer dummy but want to use it and all it has efficiently ?

    Thanks guys !
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    5.this site is definitly the best resource for that
    several regular phones -> sidekick 2 -> treo 650 -> hopefully 700p
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    It streams music tons better, too.
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    Of course it syncs with MS Outlook, that is what Active Sync is for. Active sync USB connections can be a bit buggy, but Exchange server syncing works great.
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    1. Yup
    2. Yup
    3. Yup
    4. Yup, but ActiveStink....well stinks
    5. see below

    A. TreoCentral.....just become proficient at using the search tool to avoid asking same question that been asked 3 times that week.

    B. Read some reviews,1895,1911101,00.asp
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    2. Yes through wired headphones or the supplied wired headset, but not Bluetooth.
    3. Yes you'll have to go to their webpage on the treo. Yahoo doesn't support POP3 access.
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    DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT use Wireless Sync it is crap, absolutely craptastic, crap, there is nothing crappier than this crap, it makes crap look crappy.
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    Who said anything about Wireless Sync?
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    You need to be specific for #3.
    Yahoo does support POP access. It depends on the type of account.

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    and just for your convenience, and from a completely unbaised perspective, here are some specific articles about how windows sucks and palm os is great

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