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    I was curious how large of a footprint Resco explorer is on a 700w. I was thinking of trying it & installing it on my SD card instead of the main memory (is that a bad idea)?

    I want to make sure that when resco is not in use, that it doesnt use any memory.

    I think I will get rid of any today screen / resco information on my 700w.

    I am mostly concerned about keeping the treo stable & 3rd party software isnt a "good thing" in my head.

    I do want a registry editor though.

    Any ideas?

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    I have Resco Explorer installed in main memory on my 700w, along with the Today screen (I like it) - it doesn't noticiblly slow my system down, although I haven't used my 700w much without them. They are both very useful apps.
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    I wonder how you can tell how much memory it is using
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    Resco is only going to take up memory when it is running. You can install it on your PPC or on the card, just depends on how much storage you have.

    As far as finding out how much memory it uses.... Look at your memory control panel before and after loading Resco.

    I personally don't use the today pluggin, the screen's too valuable to clutter it up, I just want my calendar/tasks info.

    But I use Resco several times a day and I have no problems. I could never go back to using the built in File Explorer. Barf.
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    I find explorer one of my most used tools (and don't forget Resco Registry). I also keep away from the today plugin (I have Spb Pocket Plus for that). If memory is a concern, disabling voice command will give a little more leg room.

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    ditch vc?

    no way i use it all day
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    Anyway, Resco File Explorer and Resco Registry are the BOMB. I highly recommend.
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    Applicable to Treo 650 Palm (VerizonWireless)?
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    I don't know, but I'd assume so. I'm a Pocket PC guy through and through. Check out for more info.

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