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    I have been looking to remove my battery icon from the task bar and found you know if it works with the 700 and if so how exactly do i add it using resco reg editor? i just create those keys and strings, if so what would be the key and what would be the string? sorry im far i follow the path and there is no "power" i create "power" and then in power i create "showicon"....from there is where i get lost

    "Hide/Show battery indicator in Task bar

    If you wish to hide the battery indicator in the task bar on some devices, you can set:
    HKLM\Services\Power\ShowIcon = 0 (DWORD decimal)
    And to show:
    HKLM\Services\Power\ShowIcon = 1 (DWORD decimal)

    Note that this icon and its feature may not be available on your device at all. For example, the HTC Wizard regularly ships with a battery indicator in the Tray instead, governed by "Windows\Startup\Init_Tray.exe".
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    bump anyone????
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    one more bump for good times :-)
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    you need a registry editor.

    install that onto your PPC and then navigate to the entry filed you want to change.

    HKLM = HKEY_Local_Machine
    HKCU = HKEY_Current_User

    it looks similar to the one in your computer....(start---run---regedit)

    can i ask you for a favor? on your 700 on the home screen (today screen) the very top where you can type in someones name and it brings up their you know if that's an application and if it is what is it called?
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    if you will re-read my original post, i understand all of this.....i have a reg editor and im already at that point....BUT there are feilds missing that i MIGHT have to put in myself and im a little confused at that point
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    I don't have that string either (no Power) may not be applicable to 700w.
    I probably wouldn't mess with it, or you can use a separate Today Screen manager like WisBar to remove the icon for you.
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    if you don't have the power folder under services then this will 90% not work for you. The navigation should look like this...

    HKLM (Folder)
    Services (Folder)
    Power (Folder)
    ShowIcon (DWORD) --if this does not exist you can create it (New---DWORD Value)

    Since in your case the POWER folder doesn't exist it doesn't look like this will work for you.
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    Just use Wisbar Advance. It lets you do everything you could ever want with your taskbar.
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    I use Mobile Registry Editor v1.11 to make any changes to the registry directly from my laptop without having to install anything on the Treo
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    I second WisBar. I have been using it for over 18 months and love it!
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    problem is i use pocket plus and love it...all i need is the battery icon gone and i have wisbar and i launcher and neither of them work like i need

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