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    I bought a SD 1.0 GB card for my Treo 700w and moved over a few songs effortlessly. My real purpose of buying it though was in order to move over files from my PC so they would be available on my Treo.

    I have a folder that within it has subfolders with all my customers names on it. In each folder are PDF files, Word Files, and Excel Files. I tried dragging the entire folder and dropping into the my device/storage card directory but it wound'nt allow me to do this.

    Can anyone suggest how I may be able to take the entire folder and copy it onto the card in order to "take my office" with me?

    Thanks so much. This forum and site has been the most informative since buying my 700 a month ago, and I have over 15 sites bookmarked on Tero.
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    This Thread will answer your question and provide you with exactly what you want.
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    I prefer to drag my folders to the card using a card reader. It is much faster that connecting your Treo, IMO.
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    Agreed thats why I referred him to the other thread.....TURNING YOUR TREO INTO A MASS STORAGE DEVICE WITHOUT A SEPERATE READER. Why not turn your treo itself into the reader with a simple application, then no matter where you are, you could plug in your Treo and it the application that resides on the Treo will turn the treo in to a mass storage device with a drive letter, by passes active sync all together, and it's as fast as any other USB card reader.
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    I understood your post. I read that it took 22 minutes to transfer 500 MB. I've transferred 2GB of data in that time using a USB card reader. Don't get me wrong, I've purchased this kind of software in that past. It is really a good idea when you don't have a USB card reader available or don't want to use one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rowdyonegh passes active sync all together, and it's as fast as any other USB card reader.
    The last part of that statement is a bit of an exaggeration. Copying 10 songs to my Treo using Card Export took 2:20 seconds. Copying the same 10 songs to my laptop's internal SD Card reader took 45 seconds and with a USB SD-Card thumb drive it took 55 seconds. Card Export is a nice solution when you have nothing else, but it's certainly not as fast as a built-in reader or a USB-based reader - and it costs about the same as a USB reader.
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    Thanks for the ideas...but I am trying to leave out any unneccessary software on my Treo so it can work smoother.

    Would this work? Copy the folder to an external hard drive the plug the external hard drive to my laptop (which has a Card reader, PC does not.) and do the transfer there?

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