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    I was curious if you can select multiple emails within a folder of Pocket outlook? If I want to delete 25 emails, can I do that without a stylus?

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    Sure, you can use your finger.

    I keed, I keed.

    I'd love to know the answer to this as well.
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    ... I found a quite lame method but it works.... with the ON SCREEN kb, click control AND **** and scroll with the d-pad to the ones you want, menu, menu again and delete

    it works but if you do a few hundred prepare to let it sit for a bit
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    What is **** ?

    Does control + A work on that KB?
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    Holy moley! Nice job, control + A does work on the on screen KB!

    Nice job!
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    Anyone have any ideas on how to select multiple contacts in the contacts program. I tried control + a but that didnt work. I need it so that I can sent msgs to multiple contacts easily.
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    Now is there a key combination that emulates the control key? The only think I see is in the soft keyboard map. Thanks!

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    it's control + SHIFT, perhaps my typing got a little ahead of me and got caught by the cuss filter
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    So if you press and hold the "num-lock" key and the "a" key, and then scroll with D-Pad, it will select and go page down.

    If you press and hold the "shift" key, and the "a" key, and then scroll with D-Pad, it will select individually.
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    Actually, it doesn't matter what other key you press, as long as you hold either the "num-lock" key or the "shift key".

    I find holding "a" easier, but it turns out you can hold any letter.
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    Wow.. good job guys!

    I like holding down shift+z since that allows me to do one line at a time....once i have what i want selected I hold down the 5-way center button to bring up the context menu let go and hit it again to select delete (default).

    Wish I had the time to start up an FAQ cuz this one definitely belongs there.
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    This is excellent. The tips just keep getting better!
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    Now we just need to figure out how to change folders in poutlook without the stylus.

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