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    After installing Verichat and Agile Messenger, I decided I liked Agile more (the price is nice, too!). I then uninstalled Verichat from my device (not from ActiveSync, silly me).

    I then learned about uninstalling apps from ActiveSync, but that didn't work. I tried reinstalling and uninstalling, which also didn't work. I even tried install/uninstall from both internal memory and the storage card. No luck.

    Save for a hard reset, is there any way to blast this blasted thing off my device?
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    download or open pocket file manager and delete it from your programs directory and get it out of the registry as well.
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    ok guys, im new here so bare with me. where do i find pocket file manager.
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    The "file manager" mentioned above is really "File Explorer" found in your Programs list.

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