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    Why does it sometimes take up to 10 seconds for Messaging to launch?
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    I have noticed this too. I hit from the today screen once, then nothing then I hit again and it takes 5 seconds...could be too many programs in the background.

    Why didn;t MS make a notice window pop up notifying us that we have 5 apps open in the background do you want to shut them down?
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    happens to me too.
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    I noticed that the delay is only significant the first time messaging is loaded. If it is open in memory and was not closed previously, it comes up quite fast. This is one of the downsides of closing all programs in memory.
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    i have that problem also...but i use spb pocket plus and just leave the messanger loaded in the background and close all other programs
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    it recently started doing this on mine too, friggin so annoying
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    Task me up to the "Annoyed by this" party... IS ANYONE (in authority) LISTENING TO THIS?
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    Me too. why? probably because when you load "text messaging" its loading "pocket outlook," and EVERYTHING in the program. I noticed it got longer the more email accounts I added, so I sacrifice a little RAM and leave it running when I remember to (I'm used to hitting the X to close all programs). The difference I find is 1-2 megs, not crippling by any means...

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