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    whats the best audio recorder, pref. one that records in WMV for this thing. ideally suited for creating podcasts and the like.

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    you tried the vito audionotes? is it 240x240 compatible?
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    It is indeed. I need to update my original post, but my only complaint is that it takes 4-5 seconds to open (you get the spinny ball). That, and I'm cheap and wish it was free. But I need it for GTD.
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    I've been happy with the vito audio notes, MP3 format is by far the best to have, with the overclocking software, only takes me about 2 seconds to open it. Map it to the sidebutton and 1 button recording is nice. I think the price is fair.
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    Overclocking, eh? Is it safe enough, and if so, what's the best way to implement it? I've seen threads on overclocking but it's easier to hear from someone who says, "I did X, Y and Z, it works, and my Treo hasn't exploded in my hand."
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    Oh I use the program that was suggested in earlier posts XCPUScalar. It works so good that I paid the 17.00 bucks for it.

    I overclock the phone to 520Mhz and I've never had a lockup or an "explosion" if I go one more up to 600 then the phone freezes up. I've noticed no difference in battery life.

    Infact the only difference I have noticed is when I reloaded my phone (because of an Activesync problem) and I had not reinstalled this software yet, I felt like I was crawling.


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