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    A new issue to me started about 4 days ago... Occasionally, while my device is in standby and an incoming SMS message arrives, the device locks up in standby. The light on the device still flashes green as if connected to the network, however the screen and all buttons are unable to wake up the device.... have to soft reset to make operational.

    Doesn't seem to happen when device is awake and SMS is incoming or if has just suspended into standby... seems to occur after device has been in standby mode for some time... many minutes to hours... like over night.

    The only new piece of software that I have added is Sprite BackUp. Everything else is functional except the dreaded USB AS connectivity issue... Have tried a hard reset with Sprite recovery to no avail.

    Anyone else having the similar issue of device locking up in standby with occasional incoming SMS?
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    No probs on mine with Sprite running for 2 weeks now. Sorry I can't help.
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    my gut is this has nothing to do with Sprite and the timing post Sprite install is coincidence...


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