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    From 4winmobile

    Games with Native support:
    * iDreams SkyForce
    * Resco Sudoku
    * Astraware My Little Tank
    * Astraware Chuzzle
    * Astraware Super Slider
    * Astraware Sudoku
    * Int13 Deluxe Arcade Pack (includes Thinking Bunny, PacMad, GoldMine and Android
    * RealDice Sudoku Master
    * RealDice Multiplayer Championship Poker

    Games with Scaled support:

    * All games by OmniGSoft (includes games like Speed City, Volcano Island, Mini-Aquabike, Mini-Jetfight and many others)
    * Just about all other Astrawaregames not listed in the "Native" list, including Bejeweled 2, for instance.
    * Mobile-Stream Mobile Jigsaw
    * Mobile-Stream Jackpot Casino
    * Mobile-Stream Meteor
    * Space Balls
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    Also these products are terrific from DreamQuest ( They are designed so no stylus is needed.
    Championship Spades
    Championship Hearts
    Championship Euchre
    Championship 500
    Championship Cribbage
    Championship Gin
    Championship Chess
    Championship Checkers
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    Has anyone found Scrabble and/or a Scrabble dictionary for the 700w?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pfr
    Has anyone found Scrabble and/or a Scrabble dictionary for the 700w?
    Supposed to work for 700w:
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    Anyone got Age of Empires to work? It seems to load fine, but the when you try and select units in the game, it seems the cursor is off by around a half centimeter on the screen. Meaning if you want to select a unit, you need to click over a half centimeter, not ontop of the unit. Was thinking this was a screen resolution scaling issue. Can someone confirm? Anyone got AOE to work on the T700?
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    I'm looking for a NICE looking Solitaire game with 240x240 support. I tried Gamebox Solitaire II as it supposedly supports 240x240, but that is messed UP.
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    Here are some additional native 240x240 games that work with the 700wx. I have tested it myself to make sure it's not scaled.

    Astraware Bejeweled (not 2)
    BinaryFish Mobile Crossword
    Handmark Monopoly
    Handmark Tetris
    Handmark Scrabble
    Handmark Yahtzee
    Resco Sudoku
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    Anyone got Galaga to work? If so what version and how?


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