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    sorry about the two related threads on the SD card, but I thought this deserved it's own topic.

    Here is the solution I came up with for the fact my SD reader would not read the new 4 gig card I got and Active Sync is next to useless when it comes to transferring 200+ meg video files to you card


    This bypasses the active sync software for file transfers, and turns the treo into a mass storage device that read my 4gig SD card NP!!!
    This is perfect for transferring those large video files to your big SD card.

    There is a 21 day free trial so you can test it, I'm uploading as we speak. 500 megs in 15 minutes!!! Beat that ActiveSync!!!

    Also, I have to add that this is perfect if you are just wanting to charge your phone and not have that damn Activesync going off all the time and trying to sync up. ActiveSync is not even enabled nor does it show your connected when you active this on the phone with a click of button and you can toggle back and forth as you please to mass storage and activesync
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    Interesting idea... How's the testing going? Stable app? Memory hog/memory leaks? 500Mbs in 15 mintues--is that your measured speed or claimed by the developer?

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    Going great!! I love it, no memory leaks...nothing so far. I would say the 500 megs took more of 22 minutes...but complaints here.

    The developer makes no claims for speeds, but I can tell you that this is the way to go to transfer files. The best thing about this, is activesync totaly reads the device as not connected, so it doesn't try to sync, or anything. You basically open up My computer and select the DRIVE it assigns the device too and your off and running.

    I highly recommened this for a test run, and it's only 14.00 if you buy it. As of now...I will be buying it. It's so easy with a simple click to toggle back and forth from storage device to active sync.
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    Installed on Sunday. So far so good. A lot faster than active sync that's for sure.
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    This is tru BTW for Palm OS devcie also.....I never do large file transfers via the Hotsync method.
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    I installed it as well, but it really messed up my today screen.. everything became white, and it wouldn't refresh. Had to uninstall
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    Thats really odd, maybe it conflicted with something else you had installed. If you have the time and wanted to, maybe start with a clean reset and install the software, if it doesn't mess up your today screen, then you know it wasn't that software that caused the conflict

    Just a thought.

    Anyone else with any problems.
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    Ever since the treo has NVFS, I stopped hotsyncing my phone except for firmware updates. I either use a card reader or I use Card Export to transfer files from PC.
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    I tried it really quick. Does it only work with SD card? I was hoping the internal memory would be visible also but I can't see it. Is there any way to get it to not display the icon in the today page? That page is crowded enough already.
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    The last app I purchased to do this was for my POS device and it also accessed the device's internal memory. That is what makes this kind of app worth purchasing, IMO.
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    So I've been using the trial version and love it. Just tried to go the website to purchase and the site doesn't come up.

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    I just downloaded the free trial. The site worked fine for me.
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    Must have been down temporarily. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and it's now time to pay the piper.

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    same here, I just paid for mine today.
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    I'm a happy paying customer. Just moved over a couple more movies off my Tivo. Excellent find...
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    Can someone please post this file for download, because everytime i go to the websit it is down.

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    Here you go!

    This is the trial version that will last 15 days. After that you must purchase it.
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    Looks like it no longer works after the update. Anyone else get it to load

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    Still works for me.

    But I did a hard reset after the update though.

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    I've been using Card Export ever since it was first developed around 2002. It has always been one of the first apps I install on a new device I get. Had it on all my Palm devices, beginning with my trusty old fav, the M505.

    I love it so much, I've made it part of my new default custom ROM.
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