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    I have 9 different contacts of people I work with at an office. They all have the same office phone number, but different extensions.

    When I call the office number for any one of them it always displays the first contacts name I stored.

    Let's say, Joe, Lisa and Charles have the same office number, when I call Lisa or Charles at the office it always shows Joe's name but dials the correct number.

    It's not a very big issue, but it can get annoying.

    Is this a glitch? Or am I not doing something correctly?
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    I have the same problem, I believe the contact that you first added the number too comes up as the default person for that number.
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    i have also noticed this issue. I don't think its a bug, but more a lack of detail.
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    Personally I think that the dialer application assumes that every contact in your list has a unique telephone number and is simply not smart enough to realize that you're calling Lisa and not Joe.
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    I can live with it, but it would be great if they would resolve it.

    Oh well.

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