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    Hey guys,

    I bought the 4 GB AData SD card off ebay like some other people did and here's the funny thing.

    I put it in my reader that connects to my Windows XP SP2 computer and it doesn't read the card, it wants me to format it, but yet it only shows 950 megs available for format.

    I put the card in my phone and it shows 3.8 gigs available for storage card, so I've just used it in the phone, but the upload time for videos is sooooo slow it was killing me.

    So I put the card back in the computer and formated it, but now it's only a 900 meg card..and i can't access the rest of it.

    Can anyone with some expirence with this card help me out. I'd be happy at this point just getting it back to the 4 gigs and only using it in the phone.

    Thanks in advance.
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    What file type did you format it to? It should be FAT32. Did you Quick Format it? There are some programs for PPCs that format storage cards. Maybe try finding one of those and formatting it on the 700w.
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    Well I formated it originally with Windows using FAT32, but it only formated and made available 950 megs. I then did another format on the Windows laptop and ejected it half way I then put it in my phone and it asked me to format it...once I did...It showed all 3.8gigs available on the phone....I put it back in my laptop and it asks to be formated.

    I'm trying to load 300-500meg files to this card, it would be so much easier if I could use the card in my laptop, and not transfer over sync, as it's taking HRS and HRS to do.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    does that card reader work ok with other 2 or 4 gig cards? try that, borrow from a friend if u need to, or try the same card in another reader or another pc... if the problem follows the card, you'll know u got a bad card
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    I have a different brand card that is a 1 gig card and it works fine. IT seems to only be letting me see the 4 gigs if I put the card in the phone, otherwise if I put it in the reader of my laptop which is internal it wants to format it and only show 900 megs.
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    It is your card reader, you will need to get a newer one that supports the larger cards.
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    Fair Enough...I can live with that.

    Do you have any suggestions?

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    Ok guys here is the solution:


    This bypasses the active sync software for file transfers, and turns the treo into a mass storage device that read my 4gig SD card NP!!!
    This is perfect for transferring those large video files to your big SD card.

    There is a 21 day free trial so you can test it, I'm uploading as we speak. 500 megs in 15 minutes!!! Beat that ActiveSync!!!
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    FYI, most card readers do not work with 4GB SD cards. You have to search the manufacturer's site to find a card reader that is compatible with it...
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    Thats why I decided to go with a software solution, since the phone does read the 4gig card, why not turn the phone itself into the card reader.

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    I just got the A-Data 4gb card for $149.00 from

    It came preformated FAT32 and I can read and write to it with both my card reader and my Treo 700w and can access all 4gb.

    Here is the link to the card reader I have.
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    I'm going to take capteeou's advice and pick up one of those 4gb cards. What's the best way to transfer data from my current 512? Should I transfer everything to my hard drive and then transfer back? Will formatting be required? Thanks.
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    I just copied the contents of my old card to a temporary folder on my hard drive then copied it to the new card. No formating was required.
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    I've got a similar problem. My 700w reads a 2gb card I bought just fine, but 2 brand new notebooks with build in SD card readers can't read it and want to format it 1gb. I also have a multi-card usb reader I bought in some tiny store in India 2 years ago that can read the card just fine when connected to any notebook. I don't know what the deal is with readers in these notebooks. They sure are sub-standard.

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