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    hi, well I finally broke down and bought a treo and I really love it. i've always been a windows pocketpc user so I have really found the palm usability improvements to work wonderfully. now, I have one question that I was wondering if someone could help me with. at work we all use a public outlook calendar to publish the daily company schedule. I would like to sync that calendar to my treo. with my old dell I used a program called pocket mirror but that's not wm5 ready yet. anyone have any suggestions. sice I never add apointments on my treo I could even get away with a macro that just kept my personal calendar updated with the things on the public calendar. thanks for any help.
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    If I understand you correctly activesynch should handle synching outlook calendar entries to your Treo with no problem beyond the normal activesynch glitches.

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    Maybe I wasn't exactly making sense. At work we all share a calendar that lives in the "public folders" portion of the exchange server. That calendar pretty much runs our lives and it would be great if my treo could sync with that calendar instead of the calendar that lives in the "personal folders". Since I don't really use the "personal folders" calendar, I am looking for something that will either a) sync my public calendar instead of the personal one or b) an outlook macro or something that will keep my personal calendar an exact mirror of the public calendar. Thanks for the help.

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    You'd probably have more luck with the fix in Outlook. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Activesync$ $won$'$t$ $touch$ $public$ $folders$.

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