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    hey. ive had my 700 for 3 days now. its great but im only getting about a day of battery life. is that about right?
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    What are your sync settings? How often it syncs has a huge impact on battery life. I am using "as items arrive" and I get about 20 emails a day. I can usually go two days without a charge. When I had the sync interval set for 5 minutes, it only lasted a day.

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    It has to be BT. Corp policy, cell phones have to be off on the sales floor, we don't need them on anyways. I keep my radio off, and if BT is on my battery drops to 60% by the end of the day. If I turn the radio off and BT off then my battery stays around 90-95%. I also tested this with BT on and off with the radio on and AS pulling my mail etc. BT is the only factor. If I use BT in my car with my Moto IHF1000 HFK it sucks battery as well.
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    thanks for your replies. I don't auto sync at all for email. I even did that thing where you create a fake active sysc account and then set to maual. my bluetooth is off. I download email manually. HEY I'm writing this using my Treo! this is great. if the battery lasted longer I would make out with this thing!!
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    maybe someone could tell me how to shut off bluetooth just to make sure. my BT icon is grey. settings-connections-bluetooth-boxes unchecked. also, the 5 min interval for email is unchecked.
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    i have found that doing the following will enhance your
    battery life:

    1) set active sync to manual. follow instructions
    in this thread:

    2) leave bluetooth off

    3) don't poll for e-mail and do only manual send/receives
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    running "unsupported" goodlink 4.7, i get about a full day (430am til evening hours).
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    those are the same hours im getting; plus or minus an hour. ive read that if you disable evdo by, dialing #*#3836, it increases battery life greatly. im trying it. i created a speed dial button for it on the today screen so i dont have to hit all those buttons to get back on evdo. i think one should have unlimited data before doing it though.
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    I am getting a day and a half running Goodlink Beta, no bluetooth.
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    Does anyone know of an acessory battery that gives greater life?

    I realize CDMA phones drain more than GSM, but I switched from the 650 to the 700 and the battery really drains on standby.


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    the treo central store has an extended batttery made by seidio.

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