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    Is there anything special that needs to be done to make Gmail work with

    I am trying to do some testing. I set my gmail account to be pop ready.

    I am trying to login using

    For some reason cant log into that.

    Any suggestions?

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    The website your using needs to support SSL trough port 995 for it to work with GMail. Just adding it normaly will not use SSL and go to the wrong port; there would be an actual (most likely) checkbox that you check for SSL and a port box where you can enter in the port. If they don't support that your pretty much SOL unless you can talk to the website administrator and get them to add it.
  3. #3 does not support checking mail from SSL accounts. You must choose the option to forward all your gmail to your 4smartphone account. I'm doing it with my work email and it works flawless. Mail to and from me still appears to be "from" and not

    So far so good. I'm near the end of my trial and I'm probably going to join with the Pro Plan.

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