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    Do you just scroll it? Are there any tools that can let a non 240x240 app scroll?
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    Some will run and some won't. What happens to he ones that run though, is that you can't see part of the app or game or whatever you run and there is no way to scroll at all. It really is a pain. As far as I know there isn't a tool out there that will let you run them or fix it. Only thing to do is wait for the developers to write the apps that will actually work in that screen size
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    Also nag the developers telling them that you have a Treo 700w. They respond to the market.
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    Darn. I have a proprietary software we use for logging patient encounters in the clinic/hospital. I doubt they'll ever make it 240x240 aware. I was hoping MS would have built-in a feature that let larger programs to run in a "window" that allows you to scroll.

    Someone should make a tool that can do this. I was hoping to combine my phone and Axim into one. I would like to sell my Axim too to help fund a 700w purchase but now I might have to keep it just to sync cases. Unless someone knows how to get a PPC emulator running on my desktop.
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    if you need apps that won't run on the square screen then look at the VX6700. I think it will be a year or two before all apps are ported.
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    2 years is a little high given the number of developers who have modified their apps in only 2 months! I'd say by the end of 2Q06 for the most popular apps and by YE06 most apps will be modified. It will never hit 100%.
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    One app that says it's treo compatible, wasn't screen compatible, so I ended up deleting it and doing without since part of the right and bottom was cut off. Sure, it RAN, but what's the point if it's cut off?
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    If the app does not format correctly (even with scrolling) on the Treo 700w, it is not compatible. If the developer claims it is, that developer needs to be called out.
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    MS should have set an option for bringing up scroll bars if a program is too big. Or maybe a tweak will add it in the future and you can set what programs will allow it.

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