So, hey hows it going? I just picked up the Treo last night and have loved it so far. I did have a few questions, (some of these may be "newbie" questions which i apologize about)

I have a Treo700w w/ Verizon's unlimited bandwidth package.

They told me I could not tether the phone to my computer and receive broadband access on my computer and if I tried to hack that they would suspend my account. Any ideas? Because a previous verizon store told me I could do that, I don't know if this one was lying or what. But I will be rather disappointed if thats not an option, they said the blackberry is the only one that can, which makes no sense because that blackberry was a piece of ****.

Here are a few features that I'm wondering are available or I can download/update the phone with:

1. Beautiful screen, but is there anyway to change color, tint, etc?? I've figured out brightness but nothing else and it'd be sweet to change those other settings in case im outside or something

2. I was wondering if there is 3rd-party software to add an image editor? I do quite a bit of design work and it'd be great if I could touch-up images on the go (I currently use photoshop, but a much simpler editor would be fine)

3. I was also wondering about FTP capabilities and, along with that, a "notepad" style program. Microsoft Word documents screw with the HTML pretty badly and updating a website is fairly crucial

4. The phone loads apps fine, except when a website page is loading and I access the menu, Ive had it lag at that point. If I place an additional SD card, should that take care of it or is there a way to minimize what apps are running and/or overclock/optimize the memory settings on it?

5. Does anyone know of any "hard-backed" cases that the treo could fit in? or better yet, a small cover that can go over the phone so I can still use it, but it protects it somewhat. (I'm afraid im going to break the damn thing - yes i have insurance)

6. Is there any program / way to connect outlook express online so I can access it from my laptop, desktop, or mobile? (I was thinking wireless sync does that but dont you have to pay for it? just curious)

Well, I hope this post hasn't been that long, I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, or answers! Take it easy everybody!