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    I'm trying to silence the shutter sound when taking a picture any way I can. There seems to be no way to simply turn it off. So I thought about replacing the two ShutterSound.wav files in the \WINDOWS directory of my Treo with dead silence wavs, but they're read only files. I cannot find any way to change attributes or even rename the files.

    Has anyone altered the system files in Windows Mobile 5? Or more to the point, is there some way of silencing the shuttersound when taking a picture.
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    You could turn the silent mode on by sliding the ringer switch on top of the phone to silent mode. This silences all sounds.
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    Good enough, simple and easy. Thanks DrewC.

    Though now for future reference, the IT guy in me wants to know how to adjust filesystem attributes on the phone as it could certainly come in handy for other things later on.
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    You have to run some registry editor and search for ShutterSound. Find a key with the shutter wav file you found in windows dir. Edit the key and input non existing wav file. (for example "\windows\nofile.wav". That's all

    I would like to find another camera hack - disable the maximum backlight, when you enter the camera app.
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    With the Palm go to camera then menu and there is an option for sounds
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    Disable Shutter Sound
    Under ""String"" it should say \Windows\ShutterSound312.wav
    Simply edit out this line and leave the string empty.
    Exit the registry and do not soft reset for at least a couple of minutes to let the change write to ROM.

    Got it from Wiki somewhere on the WWW.
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    Am I correct in thinking that it may be illegal in some countries to disable the shutter sound??
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    Quote Originally Posted by tirk View Post
    Am I correct in thinking that it may be illegal in some countries to disable the shutter sound??
    Especially with perverts who like to snapshot pictures of women's arses all day long.
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