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    No mater what I do the message says "device not found". I have reloaded active sync from the web site a couple of times, no install errors.

    Have eliminated anything using my serial ports (IBM Laptop running XP Pro).

    Any ideas? Maybe I am missing something basic.. ?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I have the exact same problem. The microsoft activesync troubleshooting page seems to indicate it could be a firewall issue:

    Unfortunately I'm trying it at a work PC and don't have permission to disable the anti-virus firewall it has on it to test this.
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    I am just running on my laptop locally, I don't have any of those firewall apps running. I just want to be able to back up my phone using sprite, but since I cannot communicate to it from the pc I am in a tough spot. I guess I will try it on my dell desktop and see if i have better luck.
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    I installed the activesync on my dell desktop , along with the sprite backup Sw and it all works great.

    for some reason my IBM laptop usb ports are difficult for some application programs to identify(they end up being com7 or com8 etc.) . someday I will figure it out.

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