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    Anyone come up with a solution to this yet?
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    I have had this problem for several months, I am almost always in 1X, but toggle between EVDO and 1X throughout the day.

    I have NOT performed the update. It does appear the device and radio become disconnected, then, after I re-dial it will work. I have had this happen in every scenario listed; long periods between phone use, switching btwn EVDO and 1X, and even 5 minutes after I used the phone!

    My 700 did not do this the first few months I had it though.
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    Yep - had my treo 700w w/ Verizon since January. This problem didn't start occuring until Sept 06. Email continues to sync - but the phone doesn't. You don't know you have a problem until you try to make a call. Turning the phone off and then on again seems to fix the problem for an undetermined amount of time.

    I've been through the Verizon support system - they sent me one new phone, but the problem persisted. The second new phone is scheduled to arrive today.

    The really irritating thing is that the support staff treat me like I am the only person that has reported this problem.....
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    Not that I wish ill on anyone, but I'm glad to hear there are others who are experiencing this problem. I found out I had a problem when I kept having people, particularly my wife and kids, complain they called me but I didn't answer. When I started doing soft resets periodically throughout the day I would find that each time I would have text messages and voicemails after the resets.

    Anxious to hear what happens with those of you who are receiving new units. In the meantime, I'm doing resets just about every hour, and will call Verizon and get my case started...
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    Got my third Treo 700w from Verizon last week - the problem continues. I am on w/ support now and they still haven't heard of the problem in their knowledge base.

    They are now checking w/ Treo to see if they have heard of the problem.
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    I'm working on my second Treo 700w with intermittant "Phone Connection Failures. (Unfortunately the second one is refurbished ,as that is Verizon's policy after you've had your phone for a month.) It looks like the problem won't even be fixed if the send me a new one...that is...after reading the posts on this site. The device is unreliable! After a time..sometimes a few hours the device won't send or receive calls. It won't access the Internet or OMA (MS Outlook Mobile Access) either. A soft reset always fixes the connection problems. (Another thing that is strange...some mornings when I get my phone off of the charger the charging light is still red. When this happens I know that the phone will not connect and needs to be reset. The battery is fully charged though.) I think I've done at least 5 hard resets between the 2 phones and many Verizon techs. Today I really got persistent and seemed to get to the upper level tech support. They admitted that others have experienced this too. They say that this seems to be a problem with Active Sync and the Exchange Server connection. After another hard reset I'm told "NOT" to setup a MS Exchange connection for a few days, to see whether the connection failure happens again. The tech said that if it doesn't have problems now then we know it's Active Sync and/or Exchange. If it is the problem the say that they will get with Palm and Microsoft to get the problem resolved and that will probably take 6-8 months. (I have to have the OMA connection because of work requirements. I will have to request a different kind of phone.) I like the Treo features much better than the vx6700 that I tried first. I hope that Verizon can come through with a fix. It sure looks to me like they have known about this problem for 6+ months. Thanks for Reading....I hope you have a better experience than I'm having with my Treo!
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