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    I have ZERO programs running, only wireless sync, and my device has 2.52MB RAM free? Is this a joke? And palm considers this phone legitimate?

    I know I'm venting, but I try and download a file and my phone freezes. I get a call when I'm online it freezes. Multi-tasking is ALMOST impossible. How do I have such little memory to use? I seriously use my phone, not just for calls and email, but I use pocket express, IE all the time for gmail mobile, I view pictures often, I like to download files I need when I leave the office (pdfs, etc) from my inbox, whatever. Should I think about switching to the i730? I already ditched Sprint and my 650 for this phone, I'm not going back now. All BS aside, what is the proper device for someone who likes to USE their phone?
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    get SoftReset, and MagicButton

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