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    I am using a Treo 700 with Verizon and syncing using their Wireless sync software. I am using Outlook 2003 on an exchange server. My problem is that when I create a new task on my PC and set a reminder time, no matter what time I set, when the task ends up on my plam the reminder time is set as 12:00 am.
    I have treid soft resetting.

    Anyone run into the same problem or can point me in the right direction?

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    Can someone using outlook 2003 with exchange and syncing over PC monitor test creating a new task with a reminder time and see if the time transfers to the treo correctly? Mine always transfers as 12:00 am no matter what time i set for the reminder.

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    I'd like to help you but I was so digusted with how useless tasks are in PPC that I switched to ListPro. However, I have not tested alarms in ListPro since I'm using GTD and save alarms for hard calendar appointments.

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