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    Quote Originally Posted by psywzrd
    Does anybody know how to remove a previous version of Sprite? I've tried everything and it just won't remove the old version. I even tried installing the new one right over the top and I ended up with two instances.
    Don't delete the old version.

    I just had to hard reset my 700w (after I updated it), and couldn't run the new Sprite install...gave some error.

    Luckilly I still had the old version...
    I manually ran the old version, and it worked fine, and I restore my system (the post updated version).

    Let me know if your new Sprite Backup provided by Palm does the same thing...
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    I have not plans to delete the old version until I know the 700w version provides some advantage.
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    I deleted the old version using Remove Programs then installed the new version using the CAB from the zip. I downloaded it on my 700w, then used Total Commander to extract the CAB. It worked fine, although nothing appears different in this version than the full retail other than it being designed for the 700w and having a little picture of it.
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    FYI. Sprite Backup 5.0.1 build 1331 is latest on Sprite's website, the Palm Treo 700w-specific version is 5.0.1 build 1338.
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    ver 5.0.1 build 1388 is the free one. What is the retail one? Will we be eligible for updates like the retail version?
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