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    When I connect via usb cable it seems that I have to place my Treo quietly and gently somewhere on my desk and if I so much as breathe too hard near it, the thing disconnects and reconnects again.

    Pretty sure it isn't the physical USB port. That's not damaged or loose or anything and I don't use the USB cable all that much so wear and tear doesn't seem likely.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    With the PPC Techs synce cable, yes. I've just learned to grab everything very gently when relocating. Never had the issue with the default cable that came in the box.
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    I've given up on the cables. They always break on me within a month or so. I may rough on them I do not know.
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    I've had the same problems with cables. I now have the Palm charger stand/dock which consistently makes a solid connection.

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