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    Esp Cingular? I can't switch my provider....but I won't a 700 bad.

    Am I correct in assuming that under Cingular, they will have true "high speed Internet access?" I hardly use my 650 for anything on the web cause it's so slow-worthless except to look up phone numbers and even that takes way too long.

    Come on Cingular!!!!

    Also, since it is migrating to you think programs like ACT will now make a version for the 700? I sure miss my ACT. I use Agendus but it's not as good----good but not as good.....
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    1. There's about 25 existing threads on this topic so look at the board and you will see a lot of "opinions".

    2. If rumor holds, there will never be a 700 on Cingular, smart money saying that the next GSM model will be the "Hollywood" perhaps called the 800. Many of those are saying it will be WM5.

    3. Methinks we will see a WM5 based GSM model before X-Mas shoppong season, and hopefully a POS version in February, 2 years after the 650 was released.

    If ahd to guess, methinks we will
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    I believe Verizon has a six month exclusive contract on the 700, so once that is up the 700p should be released (possibly on sprint). Then who knows.

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