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    Hopefully someone has a solution. When I am on a call with someone and another call comes in, I often end my first conversation, the original caller hangs up and I answer the new call. However, my phone acts like I am swapping over to another call without hanging up the original call and keeps counting minutes for my first call. On my screen, it looks like I have 2 calls going, one on hold and one active. Is there a way to end a call and answer an incoming call?

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    I would like an answer to this as well
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    Heh, went through the same thing. Hit the green phone button. It will bring up a little menu. The bottom option is "flash" which will switch calls while hanging up on the current call.

    Also, there is a short cut in that menu to hit the bottom "flash" option. It's hitting the green button again. So essentially, you can hit the green button twice, to hang up on the current call, and switch to the other line.

    I hung up on a lot of people before I figured that one out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2_hotty
    I hung up on a lot of people before I figured that one out.
    At least you figured it out, I just hung up on a lot of people.
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    Why are you guys hitting the Send button? I was just on a call when a second one came in. I hit the Action Key that had Answer above it. It switched to the second call. When I was done, I hit the same key that I believe read as Swap and I was back to the original first call.
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    OP doesn't have a 1st call....he hung up....or at least the person he was talking to did. His issue is that he wants to end 1st call and pick up second. Whats happening is after ending 1st call, he is still getting charges minutes.

    As for the problem he's having I can't help as I have no expereince there. My options are set to ignore 2nd call out of politeness to the 1st caller.
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    Thanks for the clarification Jack
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    But the manual does not define or describe what "flash mode" means or what additional capabilities it provides.

    I have been testing this, and although I get the menu, it does not actually "replace" call 1 with call 2. Call 1 remains connected, unless they hang up.

    The best I can tell, "flash" replaces "swap" on the softkey, but the function is still the same as "swap."

    I could be mistaken, but I've tried it 4 times thus far with the same result. I think the real problem is that the minute counter on the phone itself is not stopping once the other party hangs up. I'll have to look at a detailed bill to see if the minutes are being charged.

    My previous phone, a Nokia, had a very clear option to "replace" along with ignore, swap, etc. It appears we do not have this capability on the Treo.
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    In the manual, putting one call on hold while you switch to make another, is called "Add Call" It appears after placing 1st call on hold. To do what OP wants, with CNG anyway, on page 49 it says to answer the new call and hang up old calll press Power/End."

    If you want to put 1st caller on hold, just select answer...again this is w/CNG.
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    I have had this problem and it is annoying as hell.

    with Windows Mobile 2003 on my audiovox 5600 I was able to end call and them it would automatically answer.

    Another thing that I am having a hard time to deal with is when I am on a call and another comes in....sometimes I want it to go to voicemail instead of answering it. So I would hit ignore right? Every time I do this and not allow it to beep me out until it goes to voicemail...If I hit ignore it hangs up on both parties.

    Any suggestions?

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