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    My employer is "promoting" me to a new position (new title, more work, no more pay). Along with the new position, the Blackberry gets traded in for a Treo 700W. I think this is a big win for me since I should be able to retire my Dell Axim 3 and consolidate to a single device.

    Today I do a lot of remote work using VPN on the laptop. I have seen that Nortel does have a PocketPC version of the VPN client that will supposedly run on the 700w. Has anyone done a lot of remote VPN access with the Treo? How did it work for you?

    How realistic of a laptop replacement is the Treo for email, word, and remote access if you add a foldable keyboard? If it is viable, any suggestions on keyboards?

    I spend at least 90 - 120 minutes traveling each day and have been using my laptop to watch videos (both DVDs and tv from TiVoToGo) or the Axim to listen to WMA files. I would love to consolidate everything down to the Treo and sell the Axim on eBay. Is TVHarmony the best way to go for TiVo? I have used AGK for the getting video on the Axim before, so I am okay with that route, but is there a better/easier way? I have heard good things about DVD Catalyst.

    Lastly, what has everyone's experience been using EVDO on your laptop through bluetooth and DUN?

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    hfwarner3 ,

    The treo can work for a lot of those tasks especially if you modify your methods a bit. The 700w has termnial services client built right in, which i use a lot. This is pretty amazing to me that it works even without a hotsopt with the EDVO. I will say the 240x240 screen is too small to be practical in some cases.

    I havent used it yet but if TVHarmony works as advertised, and you just expose the folder or folders using IIS or other ftp server, i could see that being an AMAZING killer app. Just make sure to use a bitrate lower than your EDVO download speed and your home ISP upload cap.

    Bluetooth DUN does not yet work with the 700w. An update is reportedly on the way. It does work with usb and 3rd party software.
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    Using terminal service client, I found that if you take a dos window and shrink it down to the smallest possible font, it actually fits in the Treo's 240x240 window

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