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    I deleted the speed dial and then recreated it.. I'm not sure if it ever worked.. but now when I call voicemail via the speed dial and hit delete skip or any of the gui buttons on my treo it does nothing.. any tips would be appreciated..

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    Did you reprogram them? menu ->Speed Dial Options-> Select button to Edit ->Menu->Edit->Advanced tab -> Show Voice Dial Buttons
    The buttons will appear with boxes underneath them - you need to enter the digit you want to send delete/rewind/etc

    Note it can only be one digit - so delete for Verizon should have 7 in the box
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    Your buttons should be mapped like this for verizon voice mail: 4, 9, 1, 7, 4, 3
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    Ahh thats why it doesnt work.. resetting the #'s now. Thanks a lot.

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