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    I assume it's semi related to my email checking..but I pay for EVDO why the hell does it randomly use 1x when I'm in an area where I typically have evdo..

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    You maynot have the evdo signal strength to complete the task so it switches back to 1x. possibly?
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    Makes sense.. but when I manually connect with EVDO it stays connected until I disconnect it.. so that means when my signal strength drops below EVDO it goes to 1xrtt and attempts to stay connected whcih causes me to miss calls.. unfortunate reality I guess....

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    This is really burning me up.. I have at least 60% signal strength (1bar) and as high as 90% (3 bars) and this ***** is still on 1x and I continue to get voicemails if people happen to call during a mail sync..
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    If I recall correctly the EVDO and regualr phone/1xRTT signal are different. So you might have 60 percent signal but no EVDO coverage. The best example I can give is look at the LG 9800 it has signal strength for both the EVDO and standard phone/1xRTT signal. There are places I have run into where I have full phone service but EVDO is real weak or non exsistant. There are times when you are able to connect EVDO and in the middle of the connection, you lose or the EVDO is to weak to maintain and it rolls over to 1xRTT and it does stink that yea you will miss calls.
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