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    The thread mentioning this review (link below) almost talked me out of buying the 700w but I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've had the treo 270 and 650 but now that it got stolen, I need something. I hate buying the same unit (650) all over again now that the 700 is out, but also hate to be a beta tester.

    The one thing this guy mentioned that really made me hesitate is that the center button (in the middle of the 4 way) is too difficult to press causing his fingers to constantly slip and hit the direction arrows and causing photos to be blurry.


    Also the most important thing is that I can sync perfectly EVERY aspect of my computer's Outlook to the phone -contacts, tasks, notes. I did this on the 650 with Keysuites. I know nothing about the windows mobile software but assume this must be the case. Can someone confirm this for me? (I mean every field, unlimited categories, every sub category, every priority, every type of calandar item with its comments every name is identical etc etc).

    Also, and ok I'm cheating because I only said two things, but I read a thread complaining the 700w doesn't have sms threading. What exactly does this mean? I do a lot of text messaging on the 650, will anything be different (worse) on the 700w?

    Thanks so much.
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    Since I have a 650 and not a 700, I can only address your SMS question. SMS threading is that nifty little feature that groups your text messages into "conversations," like the posts on this forum. Without threading, all your messages are just listed in chronological order regardless of who they're from/to, kinda like an e-mail inbox.
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    In summary, SMS on the 700 sucks.
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    Here is your answer:

    "You can please some of the people all of the time, but you cant please all the people all the time." To think that a company can make a product tha 100% of users will like, is impossible. To me, getting a 700 was a personal choice, it had features I liked, and features I didnt like. After 2 weeks of use, the only complaint I have is I wish there were more mobile formatted websites!
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    I have never had problems with the center button; that dude probably has really fat fingers.
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    I think this reviewer had prior experience with the 600 and not the 650. I only played with the 700w for a few minutes at a store, but my impression was that the D-Pad was different but no better or worse than the 650's. I think the 600's was perfect. So my opinion is that if you're happy with your 650's D-Pad, you'll probably be happy with the 700w's.
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    I haven't had any problem with the center button.
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    There are alot of pros and cons to the 650 as is the 700w. Depending on which service provider you have, I would go with the 700.

    I went from Cingular's 650 to Verizon's 700w and I have to say that my Verizons broadband access is true wireless broadband. When I still had both active, I performed a speed test on both and my Cingular account got me approx. 50kbps and my Verizon gives me approx 455kbps.

    As for your buttons, there is no difference and I have had no problems with the new 700.

    As for your sync'ing question, Microsoft's Active Sync works very simiar to Palms Hot Sync. You can choose to sync your emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc. If you company doesn't have Exchange 2003, like mine, you can even use Verizon's Wireless Sync. ( I use the PC Monitor for Outlook. To summarize this process, your pc syncs with Verizon and Verizon's wireless sync syncs with your Treo and vice versa. Just as an example, I can create a new contact using my 700, go back to work and see my Outlook Contact has been updated with the new contact.

    Like any new device, there is a little getting use to and a few bugs but there was nothing that I couldn't manage.

    Hope this helps.
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    I agree with the last post, my 700 is the first one that i have ever had so no experiance with the 600 or 650. Yes, there are some issues with the 700 but nothing that makes the phone bad. I have had mine now for 2 weeks and i love it, i sync all of my contacts, files, notes, all of it and it works great. The buttons are not an issue... Hope this helps.
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    I've read that ZD net review and frankly, I think the guy was whining too much. The center button is not an issue for me at all, so I have no idea what he means when he says it's difficult to press.

    I have not ever used a Palm before I got the 700w, so I can't vouch for the 700 vs. 650. What I will say is that I'm totally synched up with Outlook - calendar, email, notes, etc. - so from that standpoint, it works fine.
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    I have had my 700 for about a week and have had alot of trouble with it. I plan to take it back and get the vx6700
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    Quote Originally Posted by psywzrd
    In summary, SMS on the 700 sucks.
    One thing about SMS on the 700 and WM in general.
    SMS uses the MAPI mail store on the device and is accessible via the SDK. Anyone who wants to write their own SMS client can easily do so using the WM SDK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drbrindledane
    I have had my 700 for about a week and have had alot of trouble with it. I plan to take it back and get the vx6700

    What trouble did you have with it?
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    I think the SMS is fine with the 700. I never owned a 650, but after getting support training on the Treo 650 and Blackberry from our Cingular engineer I have to say the threaded SMS looks like it kicks serious ***.

    Anyone know of a third party app that does this well?
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    I have had my 700 for 5 weeks and other than a few little bugs, like the alarm settings comin on after a call, I really like the device. The "phantom server" workaround fixed the constant need to soft reset and for my contacts I use Goldmine and it and a product called Companionlink, keeps my contacts, notes and customer histories ad calendar and task list immediately accessible. Some thing on the Palm OS are better but overall WM5 is a good OS and the Treo 700 has been well worth the money for me. Saved on getting a 2200.00 Vaio mini laptop
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    Here's a corporate take on the 700w
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    Thanks for your replies everyone. I haven't had a chance to get back to this thread til now.

    I checked out the 700w at the verizon store. I don't know what that reviewer was complaining about. It's fine -you push it and it works! Maybe he had a bad unit? I found the keys to be better than my 650 because they are flatter on top rather than rounded so your fingers, especially if they are large like mine, don't slip off. So ergonomically, although I'd like to see more rubbery feeling keys, the unit is just a little better than the 650.

    The call volume was way louder than the 650. A big improvement over a tragic flaw in the 650.

    Now that I know what sms threading is (thanks, kvcobra) I don't like the fact that it's not present in the 700w. I had each of my friends and business associates threaded and could check back for months worth of IM's if I wanted to. Especially fun with girls I'm flirting with but also helpful for business discussions. I can't believe something so basic like that doesn't exist, but if anyone knows of a third party app for this, please share.

    I can also say that, having used the T-Mobile internet service on my 650, it completely sucked for most things. Pages took so long to load it was usually useless. Anything with the slightest graphic took forever to load and with two of my "log in" type pages like ebay and my work's mail server, you had to load the full page with graphics before they would let you log in. This will be a big improvement with the 700w and Verizon's high speed internet.

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