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    It's driving me batty that I can't find a way to check the boxes for completed tasks in the Tasks app on the 700w. Tasks shows me a beautiful list of my tasks with checkboxes -- yet I have found no way to check the boxes.

    Could it really be true that to mark a task Complete I need to open that task, click Edit, touch or scroll to Status, pull down Complete and click that?

    If that's the case, what 3rd party app would you recommend to replace Tasks... anything reliable, easy to use, and syncs to Outlook?

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    hmm - I just checked my Tasks app, and the layout is this:
    In the main part of the screen, all the active tasks are there. Each has a check box by it.
    Under all those tasks, above those two 'action keys', are two options:

    So let's say I want to check off the 4th task in the list. I would scroll down to the 4th task and then just hit the 'complete' action key. Voila - it's gone.

    Does your device have some sort of different layout? Do you not see the 'complete' action key?
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    That's interesting. I see New and Menu, not Complete and Menu.
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    OK, problem solved.
    (Well, mostly... I'm still not seeing a Complete option)

    Turns out the alignment of my touchscreen was a little off, shifted slightly left. This didn't matter for most things I've been doing, but it did mean that as I tried to check the boxes in the task list with fingernail or stylus, it didn't work. So the Task application itself does work the way I wanted it.
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    No complete option here either. Where can I set this option to have a complete soft button?

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